Baseball field dimensions, diagrams, and simple rules

Do you need a simple explanation of baseball or softball rules —right now!?

Trying out for the company softball team? Taking a client to the baseball game? Questions about the dimensions of the little league or major league baseball fields? Just trying to figure out what those guys are doing out there?

This site is a simple, straightforward look at the action of the game. No history, no meditation on the meaning of it all. Just the bare essentials of what players do and why they do it.

Applies to Softball, Dixie Youth, Little League

Basically, the action rules of baseball are the same for the Major Leagues, Babe Ruth League, Dixie Youth League, and Little League. The field dimensions of the latter are smaller, as are the field dimensions for softball, a variety of the game that uses a bigger, somewhat softer ball. Again, the flow of a softball game is basically the same as that of a baseball game. Inside, we've begun to explain the important differences among these varieties, and we'll add a few more ... as we put the finishing touches on this site.

Follow the menu in sequence to get a simple, logical look at the basic rules insofar as they affect the action of baseball and softball.

And click on Ask the Umps to ask me, an umpire, or other fans about the rules of baseball or softball at any level of play. There are forums for simple questions and for difficult ones. Have fun!